My Story

I was new to Scentsy in 2016, I attended a party, my sons friend's Mom's, and I fell in love with it. I was buying wax bars, washer whiffs, car bars, you name it, I had to have it! My consultant, who was also my son's friend mother, asked me one day why I wasn't selling Scentsy, after all I loved it so much. 

This was an excellent question. 

I could sell Scentsy to support my Scentsy addiction! -cue almost a year  later.

I am crushing Scentsy Sales, making great new friends and building a team around me, throwing fundraisers and earning tons of extra income for my family. What I intended to be a hobby to support my love of Scentsy turned into a wonderful opportunity to grow a side business that I can be proud of. Not only that but I have earned enough money in this short time to vacation and remodel my bathroom!

Scentsy is a product I love, that I can stand behind and that is affording me freedoms I hadn't had before. I appreciate all my customers, old and new, and strive everyday to share more info on Scentsy and aroma therapy!