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Jennifer Lleras


(410) 236-4105

My Story

I am happy to announce I have now been with Scentsy for over a year! I have spent the last year and half building a great team of lovely ladies that have drive and passion like myself, and sharing Scentsy with the world!

For those who don't already know me, let me introduce myself; I am a full time working Mom to two amazing kids and one awesome dog. I am a wife and a boss. I am a volunteer and an artist. I have a LOT of tattoos, yet I still work for a conservative financial firm. I've been told I have no filter. I am a youth girls field hockey coach and the field hockey coordinator for our county.

I am a doer, I make things happen, I light fires and start balls rolling. Much like Tina Faye in Mean Girls I am also a pusher, I push people.

In addition to all those things I am also a kind giving person, I follow the Scentsy way of giving more than you receive, this is why fundraisers are one of my favorite things to do, if you have a cause in mind you can always reach out to me for help with that, I love helping people.

So now that you know me and we are friends, let's do coffee or lunch, let's talk about Scentsy or anything really!


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